Ventoux plays the most terrific mind games. From kilometre zero you can see the finish of the climb. The finish is in the form of the old, imposing observatory, perched atop like some kind of scavenging corvid, waiting to feast on fallen riders. This harbinger stays in the periphery for the first 5 kilometres before it mysteriously vanishes. Its presence is replaced with a hell like forest, as hot as a furnace but starved of oxygen just when you need it most. The gradients are now 10% leading to a slow, contorted rocking of the upper body as the sinews in the legs are on the verge of snapping.


A false sense of security comes as you exit the forest and pass Chalet Reynard on your right. For around half a minute the mind seems at rest as the gradient has eased off. But, then, it appears again. The observatory once more begins its foreboding stare, emitting a force field all around that seems to stop a rider getting any closer. The road winds in a serpentine manner while getting steeper once again and the mistral blows forcefully, always against and never for. Despite every gentle bend being traversed it’s as if no progress is made, the observatory staying on its perch and seemingly remaining exactly the same size in ones field of vision.


It’s at this point when one generally switches off, either through lactate blindness or some kind of sensory shut down, promoted by the body to protect itself. The observatory remains the goal but how it is reached becomes a blur. It can only be assumed that cyclists have some kind of bird like migratory system to guide them to the top. When the top is eventually reached, torturer becomes comforter, as, awash with satisfaction the rider now greets the old observatory with euphoric elation. “All is forgiven old friend, all is forgiven” whispers the cyclist to the old building. And, this will remain true. Until the next time at least…


This t-shirt features a washed in effect hand screen print that is designed and produced here in our printworks. The print has a super soft, flexible feel and works perfectly in tandem with the 100% organic ring-spun combed cotton material.  This t-shirt is completed with a fine ribbed collar, taped neck seam and full side seam construction resulting in superior wearer comfort and shape retention.


The t-shirt adheres strictly to the Fair Wear Foundation regulations that ensure fair and safe working conditions for the workers who manufacture the base t-shirt.

Ventoux Organic T-Shirt

£24.99 Regular Price
£10.00Sale Price
  • A khaki t-shirt in 100% organic ring-spun combed cotton, hand screen printed with a design inspired by Mont Ventoux on the full chest.

    Regular fitting, the super soft cotton construction is finished with a fine ribbed collar, taped neck and full side seams to ensure elevated levels of post ride comfort.

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