Ventoux Vintage Organic Sweatshirt - Navy

Mont Ventoux. She’s of a temperamental disposition with the outcome of any attempted ascent by bike being most certainly decided by her. You ride on her terms, so don’t dare have visions of yourself dancing on the pedals in Contadoresque fashion upon her slopes because it’s totally out of your hands. If she decides that you grovel then you certainly do that, Tony Martin dribble and all.

The thing about the climb of the Ventoux is that something always punishes you. If it’s not the gradients of the forest then it’s the oppressive heat. If the heat is tolerable then the wind batters you. If you’re really unlucky then a combination confronts you. When this happens, just turn around and find the nearest café to sob in.

For example, before one of my latest ascents, I checked the weather forecast. I surveyed it and was pleased with what I saw. A tailwind, albeit slight, was going to be in my favour during the exposed, “lunar”, last 6kms of the climb that begins at the famous café of Chalet Reynard. “Brilliant” I thought. I’ll set a hard but sustainable pace (for me that is...) to the Chalet and then reap the reward of the promised meteorological assistance. A foolproof plan I think you’ll agree.

Unfortunately, Ventoux decided otherwise. Navigating my way around the first steady bend after Chalet Reynard I was met, head on, with “le vent”. Shit. Even though it was only slight I hadn’t planned for this at all. My clever pacing strategy was now out of the window. Instead of charging to the summit as though I was wearing “Le Maillot Jaune” I crawled desperately so. I avoided dribbling but I could have hardly claimed to be an image of “souplesse”

Ventoux wins again.


I've celebrated this iconic climb with my Ventoux Vintage sweatshirt. My soft and supple hand screen prints complement the 85% organic cotton, 15% recycled polyester blend to grant a classic aesthetic and unrivaled comfort. Raglan sleeves, ribbed hems, half moon finished rear neck and taped neck seam ensure that the finishing quality works perfectly in tandem with the French Terry material promoting a garment that is perfect for any casual occasion.


This sweatshirt adheres strictly to the Fair Wear Foundation regulations that ensure fair and safe working conditions for the workers who manufacture the base garment.

Ventoux Vintage Organic Sweatshirt - Navy

  • My Ventoux Vintage sweatshirt promotes ultimate wearer comfort via a heavyweight French Terry material that is fabricated from a 85% organic cotton / 15% recycled polyester blend and a slender, regular fit. My 3 colour hand screen prints that feature on the left breat and full back are complimented perfectly by finishing qualities such as ribbed hems, half moon rear neck detailing and neck seam taping.

    Perfect for any casual occasion the relaxed aesthetic allows this sweatshirt to be perfect for lounging post ride, sipping coffee in the café or layering during the colder months of the year.